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Date: 11th August 2016
BOS-64D Tray Stainless Steel 304# Rotary Convection Oven
BOS-64D tray stainless steel 304# rotary convection oven?Features:1.prices rotary rack oven.2.ISO9001?3.2trolleys 64trays roll-in trolley baking?4.Hot air circulationFunction:1. baking scope:French bread stick, toast, French bread, Dutch bread, all-wheat bread, big Leba hamburger, meal bread, crisp cake, Chinese-style cake, various dimsims, egg pie and biscuit. Hot air circulation, ensure even heating, and even color of the baking products2.inside&outside are all S.S.#201,thickness 1.2mm,heat exchange eamless S.S. #304 pipe ,thickness 2.0mm3. Japanese brand,Olympia burner4. roll in rack/trolley baking, convenient operation5. even hot air circulation baking, adjustable hot air outlet, ideal baking effects.6.with evaporation steam system, stronger water flow system can be addedSpecification:ModelDescriptioncapacityMachine sizePacking sizeBos-64QGas type64trays227*323*243 ? ?cm227*323*250cmBos-64DElectrical typeBos-64CDiesel type